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Food Photography: How It Works.

Updated: Feb 12

ONE: What you see is what we deliver.

Our team uses Capture One software. Everything we put into your "Live link" is what we will edit and deliver to you.

We typically do not deliver low res jpegs or contact sheets because we deliver your images within 48 hours of your photoshoot. This means you get to put your images to use almost immediately. And if you find you need an editing touch-up we can turn that around quickly too!

screenshot of a capture one web page with chicken and pasta food photography

TWO: Less food photography is more.

I am a perfectionist and not a recovering one I'm sorry to say. That means I don't stop until I get it right. 

I do not deliver more photos just for the sake of filling a gallery. If you have a very specific shot list our team is going to execute what you need and deliver a perfect result instead of a bunch of "just ok" photos.

I believe this when it comes to your website as well, to dive deeper into this subject read "Why Less Food Photography Is More When Designing Your Website".

THREE: Purposeful and strategic website and marketing content.

I want to deliver high quality images that will elevate your brand. In order to do that I want to understand where each image is being placed and what purpose it will serve for you and your audience.

I do not just show up with a camera and take photos. Our entire team is involved in your project from beginning to end. Chef Desiree and I review your recipes, shop for ingredients and create all your dishes with intense detail. Amanda W.(yes another Amanda!) is our studio assistant and a master at lighting. And our project manager Marissa not only keeps us all in line from day one, but she is also an SEO master and designs websites for our clients when needed.

Our mission is to see your business succeed, so let's take the next step! Book Your Call with Me so I can dive deep into your business and elevate your brand!

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