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Results of working together

Grilled steak on bed of mashed potatoes with hand placing aspargus

Chef Keisha and I sat together in a coffee shop and went over her entire website. Then we talked about the kind of photos she wanted and the kind of customers she wanted to attract. 


Keisha wanted to focus mainly on dinner parties as a Personal Chef in the Virginia area and as we talked longer I learned that Brunch, showers and celebration events were what lit her up the most. 


So we designed an image plan that would speak to those customers directly. It wasn't just about what was in each photograph, but instead the feel and vibe that we brought together. That light and airy look and feel speaks volumes to Brunch and special celebrations as opposed to dark and moody photos that might speak more directly to romantic, intimate gatherings. 


Check out the results that got us to achieve her goals.

Before website of chef Keisha Brynn


After website of a Chef Kiesha Brynn
Website mockup of Chef Keisha Brynn

Client testimonial

Each time I get a text like this, it means more than you will ever know!

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