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  • What formats will my photos be delivered in?
    Because we specialize in Commercial Photography, you will receive customized delivery terms that are designed to meet your needs.
  • What if l invest the money and do not like the photos?
    Photos of Your Food: If you are not on set with us when we take your recipe photos, we have the technology for you to join us live while we shoot. This ensures you have input along the way and we will achieve the greatest results! Photos of You: We took the time to poll our clients and asked them what their biggest concern was in hiring a brand photographer. This was the first thing EVERYONE said! We feel the results and the testimonials speak for themself. It feels abstract and overwhelming when you click that final button and make the commitment, but there is no doubt in our mind that we are going to make magic happen for you and your business.
  • Do you offer any different package options than what’s listed?
    Again, because we specialize in Commercial Photography we do not have "packages" like you would find with your typical family or wedding photographer. Everything we do is customized to meet your business needs.
  • Do I need to feel confident in front of the camera?
    No! Most of our clients hate having their photo taken, but know it is necessary to relating to your ideal client. Not only that, but Amanda's clients are educated and coached beforehand and not just thrown into the deep end. Our team works with you to make sure you’re ready for your big day!
  • Do you offer payment options?
    Yes, we offer customized options for our clients. Especially those self-publishing a cookbook!
  • Can I opt out of your food stylist or hair and makeup?
    Food Stylist: Because we want you to have the best results possible, we always include a food stylist on set. Our stylist is part of our crew and cannot be removed from our estimate. Hair and Makeup: Full day sessions automatically include hair and makeup! But if you want to opt out and use your own, just let us know! All other sessions do not include hair and makeup services but can be added at any time.
  • What is truly the outcome I can expect to receive?
    No fluff. We are here to create purposeful content for your website and/or marketing plans. We want to increase your productivity and make it easier for you to implement your content and add that polished look to your website that your high-end clients come to expect.

Have more questions? We'd love to answer them!
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