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The difference between inspiration images and creating a duplicate, a Photographer's perspective.

When you hire a professional food photography studio like ours, you're not just seeking a photograph; you're enlisting our vision, experience, and expertise.

During our collaborative process, we encourage clients to share "inspiration images." But, it's crucial to understand that we won't replicate those images. Instead, we use them to get to know your preferences and then dive deeper through our pre-production process, 

Our process is focused on uncovering your unique style and bringing your culinary vision to life.

You've chosen us to craft something exclusive to you and your project. So it's essential to understand that attempting to duplicate a specific image in your mind may lead to dissatisfaction with the results of any photography session. 

Our happiest clients are those who trust us and our expertise, providing minimal instruction. Instead, they allow themselves to be wowed and trust the process they have invested in.


Inspiration images from our client.


This is the result we created for her based on her brand.

She specializes in high-end, luxury experience dinner parties.

Haricot vert amandine

testimonial from our client ashley casebier


More from our galleries.

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