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Why Less Food Photography Is More When Designing Your Website

What devalues your brand? Having so many images on your website (especially ones that are not high quality) that your messaging gets lost and your audience doesn't know what do. You’re not a photographer, you don’t need a gallery of photos on your site!

Seven to ten professionally shot photos that will instantly elevate your brand. This is so much better than a ton of low resolution, low quality images that do not speak to the high end customers you want to reach.

What will 7-10 professional photos do for you?

  1. It will connect you with the right customers almost overnight.

  2. Your audience will stop price shopping and asking for discounts and instead see your value.

  3. You will immediately start to harness more trust with your audience because they can see you take pride in your work. 

Think about a diner vs. an upscale steakhouse.

If you go to a diner for lunch you're gonna get a picture of every dish on the menu right? But if you go to a local steakhouse, you probably won’t see a picture anywhere in the restaurant. Beyond that, when you go to their website you’re going to see one amazing photo or video in the hero section (the first section you land on at the top of the page). As you scroll through you will never find a photograph every menu item they offer, mainly because they have custom specials, just like you!

If you’re a personal chef, a catering company or a bakery then you are my people and you are probably saying to yourself, "Amanda I am not a fancy steakhouse".

Nope, you’re not. But you are targeting the same customers!

Think about it. You want those same customers that enjoy elevated dining at a steakhouse. Therefore, you still need quality professional imagery as much as they do. 

Simply visually cleaning up your website can be incredibly powerful. 

Yes, we all have to please the 'Google Gods' but let's first serve our audience with a well designed and high quality visual experience.

Because as you know, you have about 2 seconds to catch a potential customers attention, so having the right visual impact creates a powerful experience.

And your visuals are where my job begins!

Click the images below to check out our more of our portfolio!

10 food photos that look like they are on 35mm film

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