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"Art isn't a result, it's

Seth Godin


Culinary Events

Food & Product

Personal Brand


Food & Product

To eliminate the stress of traveling to us, successfully elevating your brand and in order to create the best experience possible, we have a fully equipped photography studio. 


  • Discovery Call
    Before we do anything we jump on a call and get to know each other. No matter the size of your business, at the end of the day communication is the key to success. 


  • Shoot Dates & Pre-Production
    Even if you are working with us remotely, we will assign all your shoot dates on the calendar and get your pre-production meetings scheduled immediately. 


  • Shoot Day(s)
    We have a team of professionals to support your business. From our administrative team who will join us on every call to ensure we remember everything to my assistant chef and photography assistant. Nothing is left to chance so that everything runs on time and in order.


  • Delivery
    We deliver your photos via WeTransfer and Cloudspot depending on the project and level of collaboration needed during post production. Your delivery date will be established in your contract and is usually about 14 business days after your final shoot day.

Personal Brand Photography

Also called Lifestyle or Editorial Photography. These images tell a story. When I work with Chefs and businesses we create images to tell a story that goes hand in hand with their marketing and/or website copy. I like to say, this is when you are in the photos with your food.

  • Are you rebuilding/rebranding your website?

  • Do you need more consistent quality content?

  • Do you need photos of you and not just your food?

  • Are you writing a cookbook and need additional imagery for the author section?

  • Are you being featured in a magazine?

Personal brand photography is for all this and more! All businesses benefit from this kind of photography.


Culinary Events

We take a limited number of culinary events outside of Fork Cancer and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Wish Upon A Chef each year.


If this is a service you are interested in, please reach out in advance.

Event pricing begins at $1650

our photos are featured in places like ...

Ebony amanda-richardson-photography_edited.jpg
paper city amanda-richardson-photography
2 q city metro amanda-richardson-photography.png
charlotte observer amanda-richardson-photography.png
1 q project q atlanta amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
1 travel noire amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
lake norman magazine amanda-richardson-photography
culinary studio by amanda loren studios brand kit - finals.png

"Amanda provides a top-shelf product. Her knowledge of food service and culinary arts make it an incredibly easy experience and the quality of her photography is outstanding!"

Executive Chef Joshua Sutton | Bear Lake Reserve Tuckasegee, NC

Working Together


Amanda is the owner and CEO of Amanda Loren Studios formerly Amanda Richardson Brand Photography. She is a professional speaker on national stages like the Wedding MBA, the USPCA and Sharpen. She has contributed to a variety of Culinary and Event Industry blogs, podcasts and teaches Strategic Branding Masterclasses to a variety of Entrepreneurial Groups.


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