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Food Photography: Reality vs. Styled

The first 6 images are the reality of food photography on your phone. You probably have some in your marketing right now. It's okay! There is no judgement. In fact, people want to see "real" photos of your products on social media.

But notice I say "social media", notice I didn't say 'it's okay to have pictures like this on your website'. If your intention is to reach high-end clients who honor the value of your work and don't constantly ask for a discount, then these images will not make the cut.

Unprofessional food photos attract price-shoppers not high-end clients.

Think of your website (and marketing) like your storefront and your food photography is the high-end feature you hang in the window.

Picture yourself strolling through the Specialty Shops plaza in Charlotte, NC window shopping for a luxury culinary experience. Which store would you be tempt you to go inside? Store A represented above with unprofessional images or Store B represented below with professionally styled and shot food photography. Take a moment to reflect.

Why is it that Store B draws you in faster and makes you feel more confident about buying from them? It's because we assume the store with a more refined look and feel is going to serve us better. We infer because Store B values how their business is seen that they also value the service they will provide to you. It is a perceived trust that happens without anyone even realizing it.

Store B wants you to trust them from the moment you enter. They are communicating that they can take care of you and they will take steps to make sure your entire experience with them is next-level.

Are you afraid your "backend" doesn't reflect this kind of clean and put-together look and feel?

I'm here to tell you, we are all a mess on the backend! Seriously, in the studio, we have weekly calls tweaking systems and figuring out better processes. You will never have it all together, but that doesn't mean your audience and customers have to see you as a mess.

Let's help put your storefront together. Raise your perceived value and connect with clients that value you and your work.

Reach out to me directly at with any questions. We are here to see your business succeed!

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