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Working Remote

Amanda Richardson is the owner of Amanda Loren Studios. She has transformed half her home into a food photography studio, moved her office into a second bedroom and invested in next-level software that allows you to join your food photo session from anywhere.

How does this impact you? 

This means Amanda puts her chef skills to work and no more travel fees for you! She and her team prep your recipes, cook and style them for a photo-perfect look! Plus you have just as much input remotely, as if you were on set.

Can you join us in person, on set? 

Absolutely! Amanda likes to boast about having every kind of coffee imaginable and multiple coffee makers. They can make anything from espresso to cappuccino and more! She guarantees you will be buzzed all day!


The Culinary Studio

A studio equipped with a photo-worthy kitchen, an espresso butcher block table plus lots of elbow room and plenty of fancy coffee to keep us energized. This space is truly a gift to have and a gift to share with our clients. Whether you decide to join us in the studio or join remote on shoot days, Amanda is always in her zen when she's in my studio. 

The Prop Collection

We are constantly adding to this collection but rest-assured you will not be disappointed by the assortment of surfaces, backdrops, dishes, linens and so much more that we use to style your beautiful dishes. Props are an essential element to your photos and we take a very mindful approach to selecting each and every piece. 


The Technology

Technology ranges from our Sony gear to our remote system for including you on shoot day even if you can't be here! The software we use to involve you on shoot day includes Zoom & Capture One. They are easy to use platforms that allow you to see the RAW images as they are captured live. You can give feedback and we can be sure you will love your results!

Brand Photography

What if you need Brand Photos too? Instead of paying higher airline fees for Amanda, her equipment, her assistant and a hair and makeup team. Pay for just yourself and join the team in Charlotte, NC!

Bonus, they scout locations for your brand well in advance of your arrival! That means you don't have to worry about finding photography-perfect spots in your area.


Working Together


Amanda is the owner and CEO of Amanda Loren Studios formerly Amanda Richardson Brand Photography. She is a professional speaker on national stages like the Wedding MBA, the USPCA and Sharpen. She has contributed to a variety of Culinary and Event Industry blogs, podcasts and teaches Strategic Branding Masterclasses to a variety of Entrepreneurial Groups.

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