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"Amanda provides a top-shelf product. Her knowledge of food service and culinary arts make it an incredibly easy experience and the quality of her photography is outstanding!"

Executive Chef Josh Sutton, Bear Lake Reserve | Tuckaseegee

1. Purposefully Curated

Everything we do is purposeful and meant to help your business succeed! Each month is carefully planed and meant to help you market seasonal menus and celebrate each holiday with your audience!

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What would it feel like to have all the assets for an entire marketing campaign ready to go every month?

Play the 'THIS' or 'THAT' game with us!

Let's make your business look like "THAT"!


Food Photography

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Content & Strategy Done
Before Each Month Begins.

Strategy is key, but if you don't have the content your sales won't convert. We are giving you the tools to get it all done ahead of time and the visual content to bring in the right customers!

Greatly Reduce Stress During Your hustle!

Business owners hustle is real. You are not only feeding and planning for your own family but you are feeding your customers as well. Getting your content and marketing done and set to go ahead - WOW that feels amazing and so worth the effort now!

Increased Brand Credibility& Perceived Value.

Attracting and retaining customers is crucial. Mouth-watering, high quality food photography can help you stand out from the competition. An increase in your perceived value results in actual price increases!

Engagement With Customers Who Value Your Commitment To Excellence

We said it before and we will say it again. Your customers want to know you value your business and how you show up as much as you value their client experience. It all starts with the visuals. People eat with their eyes. Don't miss an opportunity to shine, your clients are ready to eat, show them what you've got!

Whites Space For Creativity 
Before Your Hustle Begins.

If you are like Amanda, she needs that white space to be creative. When you are constantly consumed by your business, you have no room for the art of cooking. We step in and see you through not only capturing your recipes, but giving you the tools to execute before the holiday starts.


Do you want to use unique images in your marketing that your competition ISN'T using?

Do you want to raise your brands perceived value and ultimately raise your prices?

Do you want the benefits of a private community where you have an opportunity to request photos you actually need? 

Do you want a discount on your own personal photo sessions with Amanda Loren Studios?

Do you want quality marketing assets DONE for you every month?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these, this program is for you!

The Foodie Image BOUTIQUE

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

our photos are featured in places like ...

Ebony amanda-richardson-photography_edited.jpg
paper city amanda-richardson-photography
2 q city metro amanda-richardson-photography.png
charlotte observer amanda-richardson-photography.png
1 q project q atlanta amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
1 travel noire amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
lake norman magazine amanda-richardson-photography



and start elevating your brand instantly!

15 Monthly Custom Photo Scenes

Minimum of 15 monthly custom 'stock' photos for purposeful marketing.

(Plus Amanda is known to throw in some bonuses!)

A Library That Grows With You

A growing library of custom food imagery that you can access and use at anytime! Every monthly gallery will be seasonal and purposeful! After 12 months you will have at minimum 180 photos assets!

Unlimited Downloads

Downloads are unlimited and individually formatted for all the major social media platforms to streamline your marketing process.

Make Photo Requests

We have a private community chat as well, you can collaborate with and support other like-minded culinary business owners, ask questions and get inspired! PLUS! You you can make requests and suggestions for photos you and your community has a need for!

Open Q&A with Amanda

Every month Amanda will hold open office hours for any and all marketing and photography related questions. This will be a private zoom for only this community. You can ask Amanda anything from marketing concepts to how to use the camera on your iPhone!

Discount On Photography

Yes! You will get a 15% discount on photography services as long as you are a member. (*Excludes licensing fees)

Purposefully Curated

Everything we do is purposeful and meant to help your business succeed! Each month is carefully planed and meant to help you market seasonal menus and celebrate each holiday with your audience!

Launch Members ONLY

If you become a member during this launch special, you will also get the opportunity to submit a recipe of your own to have published in one of this years galleries. This will come with a feature about your business on our blog and newsletter! *Terms apply.

Doors Closed Until February 2024

Sign up to be the first to know when we space becomes available.


Take it from Celebrity Chef Lisa Brooks who mentors Chef's just like you!

"I have had a number of branding, food and event shoots with Amanda. She is a talented and gifted photographer who has an amazing eye. She captures images that honestly amaze me. I often wonder how she thinks of these shots! I have recommended her to many of my students and colleagues. She truly knows her stuff and is worth every single dime.

In addition to her expertise, she is so much fun to work with and she makes a long shoot day more fun. I always look forward to having her in the room!

Although she shot me in Charlotte, NC...I know she travels all over for her clients. If you are looking for food photography, branding photography or chef Amanda."
-Chef Lisa Brooks

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