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The Foodie Boutique

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The reality is: Your photos suck.
(Sorry, not sorry 🤪.)

You have all this and more to worry about, do you really want to learn to take your own photos too?

Hiring & Firing
Recipe Testing
Menu Planning and Packaging
Admin & Customer Engagement
Marketing & Sales

(*Deliveries Services - Restaurants)



You feel confident sharing photos that the entire world doesn’t have access to.


You do not have to worry about doing your website design alone - get support.


Save hours on social media using our prompts. Set it and forget it.


Raise your perceived value and stop attracting price shoppers.

Here's the breakdown of what your annual budget might look like.

30% Labor Costs
28-35%+ Food Costs
12-15% Menu and Packaging
10% Admin Tasks
10% Marketing
(*15-30% Deliveries Services)

If you only have 10% in your marketing budget, then get the biggest bang for your buck and leverage every dollar!

Play the 'THIS' or 'THAT' game with us!

Let's make your business look like "THAT"!

Ready to transform the perceived value of your business without breaking the bank?

Most things in life are not instant or magical, but replacing the right photos in the right place is like snapping your fingers and immediately changing the way you are seen.


What's included in the
Foodie Boutique?

6-12 Professionally styled food photos every month.

Make requests! Every month you can make requests of photos you need or want to see.

Social Media prompts. Every month you receive social media prompts related to each photos.

Website design support. You can request feedback every six months on how to use your photos to update your website and keep it fresh and relevant to your market. 

Shared with small private group of professionals like you. You will never see these all over the internet!

Client Love ❤️



You struggle to take and find QUALITY food photos but can't invest in a personal food photo session right now.

You own any kind of culinary business - Restaurants, Personal Chefs, Catering Companies, Nutritionist, Bakeries and more.
You want to raise your prices this year and know you need a quality consistent brand to impress your audience.

"Amanda provides a top-shelf product. Her knowledge of food service and culinary arts make it an incredibly easy experience and the quality of her photography is outstanding!"

Executive Chef Josh Sutton, Bear Lake Reserve | Tuckaseegee

1. Make Photo Requests

We have a private community chat as well, you can collaborate with and support other like-minded culinary business owners, ask questions and get inspired! PLUS! You you can make requests and suggestions for photos you and your community has a need for!

our photos are featured in places like ...

Ebony amanda-richardson-photography_edited.jpg
1 travel noire amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
paper city amanda-richardson-photography
1 q project q atlanta amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
2 q city metro amanda-richardson-photography.png
charlotte observer amanda-richardson-photography.png
insight editions.webp
lake norman magazine amanda-richardson-photography


OPTION I - Monthly

$49/ Month

OPTION II - Unlimited

$149/Month OFF

50% OFF Your First Month!


Take it from Celebrity Chef Lisa Brooks who mentors Chef's just like you!

"I have had a number of branding, food and event shoots with Amanda. She is a talented and gifted photographer who has an amazing eye. She captures images that honestly amaze me. I often wonder how she thinks of these shots! I have recommended her to many of my students and colleagues. She truly knows her stuff and is worth every single dime.

In addition to her expertise, she is so much fun to work with and she makes a long shoot day more fun. I always look forward to having her in the room!

Although she shot me in Charlotte, NC...I know she travels all over for her clients. If you are looking for food photography, branding photography or chef Amanda."
-Chef Lisa Brooks

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