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Food Photography
Charlotte, NC 


For the love of food and art there is food photography.

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You have landed here because you want to improve your website, you want artwork for your home or business, or you just love food photos. 

Any and all are welcome! I've been doing this for a hot minute and love it more with every passing day.

I am located in the Charlotte, NC area, but I work virtually with most clients.

I am here because I love the art of food and photography and I want to use my gifts to help your business succeed.

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It's All About What You Want.

For established businesses. Website rebranding is my specialty!

Custom stock food photography. A unique way to have access to my custom photography for all your digital platforms.

A gallery of printed artwork for purchase.
Commission work available.

our photos are featured in places like ...

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 travel noire logo
paper city logo
Q logo
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charlotte observer logo
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hear what our clients say...

After her first food photography session: “The value of the digital imagery is simply amazing. My food photos are working to help me connect with my ideal clients. THANK YOU!”

Several sessions later: "I just booked three clients in one day, so something is working. My photos created the shift in my business that I wanted to happen this year."

Chef Monica Thomas, Washington DC, Tailored Taste & Tailored Taste Coaching

monica thomas of tailored taste washington dc looking at the camera with white shirt on
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