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Food Photography, Charlotte NC   |   Amanda Loren Studios

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Our Expertise

We are a full-service, commercial food photography studio.  Our team of professional photographers, food stylists, advanced editors, and our seamless project management support will keep you excited and inspired throughout your entire project. We specialize in rebranding high end website content and building purposeful, evergreen campaign assets.

Purposeful food and brand photography for businesses of all sizes.

Giving your business the competitive edge with photography that meets your brand standard and transforms your online presence by breaking the mold and setting you apart

collage of food photography photos that look like they are on 35mm film

Today high-impact images are not a "nice to have".
They are necessary to transform your business.

our photos are featured in places like ...

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Why our clients come to us.


Your website is your storefront. Imagine you are window shopping, if you peered in a window and saw your website, would you go inside or keep on walking? It's our job to make it irresistible!


Amanda Richardson and a client sitting at a table laughing with a computer in front.

Why we are the perfect fit

✓ You have an established business (or have been mentored by Chef Lisa Brooks)

✓ You know you need to upgrade or rebrand your look and vibe, but you need professional eyes and a fresh perspective. 

✓ You value and trust the experts you hire..

✓ You are ready to invest with a team that celebrates your success as passionately as your team does.

✓ You live anywhere! You can join remote for studio food sessions and we will fly you to us for brand sessions!*

*Travel terms apply

Why we might not mesh if

✓ You have not been in business for a year and aren’t clear on your ideal audience.

✓ You do not see professional custom photography as an asset.

✓ You do not need/want a strategic approach to your professional photography.

✓ You are not ready to invest in growing your business and have time to create your own content consistently.

Transform the value of your business like magic!

Most things in life are not instant or magical, but replacing the right photos in the right place is like snapping your fingers and immediately changing the way you are seen.

Custom Photography

before photos of a home page
before photo of a food photography home page

Custom Photography

after picture of  chef keisha brynn's home page
after picture of a food photographer's results
after picture of a personal chef home page
bakery ingredients on a marble table top.

What's included when you work with us?

A Perfect Fit Call:
This call always comes first.  A strategic perfect fit call which results in a blueprint for success. Amanda maps out and supports your creative concept and brings it to life. You get a solution for your rebrand and marketing pain points. The result of this discussion can transform your thinking before Amanda even snaps one custom photo for your business. 

Authentic Custom Photography:
We go to great lengths to represent your style seamlessly, helping you build a highly recognizable brand and become an indispensable part of your clients life.

Consistent Support
Our team was created to make your life easier. We leave no stone unturned, we are determined to stay a step ahead, make sure all your questions are answered and support your business long after your session is complete.

Ready to transform your website and marketing?

How You Get Started...

amanda richardson laughing away from the camera wearing grey shirt holding cheeseburger

Step #1: Perfect Fit Call

This is a no fluff, perfect fit call, not a sales call. You have pain points and goals. Amanda is a visionary with the answers. Giving you a custom blueprint for success.

Step #2: Done For You

We execute the perfect visual design action plan eliminating generic stock photography and providing you with a custom brand.

Step #3: Success

Increase your brand authority, raise your prices and work with the right clients. 

I’m Amanda, I'm gonna spice up your food photos and shake up your content plan!

I used to be you! I owned one of the first allergy-friendly personal chef businesses before gluten free was a “thing”. And I got burned out fast. I know how hard it is to run a food business and I know how freaking expensive it is!


But my struggles brought me to you. I found my gift for food and brand photography and knew I was meant to serve chefs and food brands just like you. I have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years who struggled to capture their story visually, with purposeful photography that set them apart and made them unique.

The thing is, you need more than pretty pictures of your food. You need purposeful images so you can set your business in motion. 


I am ready to build you a plan and set your business on fire, are you?

amanda loren studios owner eating giant cheeseburger
close up of woman writing in a book. White nail polish

hear what our clients say...

After her first food photography session: “The value of the digital imagery is simply amazing. My food photos are working to help me connect with my ideal clients. THANK YOU!”

Several sessions later: "I just booked three clients in one day, so something is working. My photos created the shift in my business that I wanted to happen this year."

Chef Monica Thomas, Washington DC, Tailored Taste & Tailored Taste Coaching

monica thomas of tailored taste washington dc looking at the camera with white shirt on


amanda richardson and her client looking at the back of a sony camera and laughing

Confident & Excited! 

Never reaching right customers
Your website doesn’t reflect the value of your brand
You feel unseen in a competitive market
You constantly get price shoppers
Scared to raise prices
No time for web design or marketing
You need a rebrand but worried about the timeline
You or your team only 
use iPhone photos for marketing

_ OR _

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