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with custom visuals designed to entice to your audience

  • Make your audience hungry for more

  • Save time and money 

  • Be the #goals of your competition


I'm Amanda Richardson

I am the founder of Amanda Loren Studios Charlotte, NC. I used to be a chef but soon found I was most passionate about the art of food photography.

I am on a mission to get rid of all the 'stock' photos in your business! By leveraging my background in the culinary world I create custom images with your personal recipes.


our photos are featured in places like ...

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paper city amanda-richardson-photography
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charlotte observer amanda-richardson-photography.png
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1 travel noire amanda-richardson-photography.jpeg
lake norman magazine amanda-richardson-photography


Save Time
& Money

Make Your Audience Hungry For More

Be The #Goals
Of Your Competition

Working with us remotely saves you and your creative team time and money. Don't pay for our team to travel, don't pay your support staff to prepare the dishes and only join each photo session when you need to give feedback.

The mouth-watering food you create deserves to be represented with equal quality. In the studio we help brands connect to their audience with authentic imagery that converts your marketing into sales.

Your competitors are already leveraging quality visuals for their products and services. This is the opportunity to go beyond your comfort zone, go against the grain and let us bring new life to your brand! 


"It's true, you get what you pay for. So let's add as much value into what you need, build an incredible, long-lasting relationship and give your brand the consistent quality it deserves." -Amanda

Are you worried about how much this will cost?

No matter the size of your company, investing in a quality food photography experience can be the biggest hurdle you face.

How do we price out your estimate?​

  1. Everything is custom quoted. We have a multi-level spreadsheet which is filled out in detail for each project before we even start to write your proposal. We are intentional about taking your specific needs and budget into consideration so it is important to share as much as possible with us.

  2. What you are going to do with the photos makes a big difference. This is also called Usage Licensing. If you are a medium sized brand with a national reach for your product, book or service that is vastly different than a local personal chef who only services their immediate area. We know it's not one-size fits all and we live it up to that in our pricing models.

  3. Everything we send is an "Estimate". This means it's not written in stone. We want to help you achieve success. Maybe we need to go back and reduce the number of images delivered or maybe we can group some recipes together to still get everything captured? But our favorite way to get you everything you need is to negotiate the Licensing Terms, click here to learn more about copyrights and licensing.



our clients say...

After her first food photography session: “The value of the digital imagery is simply amazing. My food photos are working to help me connect with my ideal clients. THANK YOU!”

Several sessions later: "I just booked three clients in one day, so something is working. My photos created the shift in my business that I wanted to happen this year."

Chef Monica Thomas, Washington DC, Tailored Taste & Tailored Taste Coaching

tailored-taste-amanda-richardson-photography-Chef Monica Thomas-Washington DC--299.jpg

Working Together


Amanda is the owner and CEO of Amanda Loren Studios formerly Amanda Richardson Brand Photography. She is a professional speaker on national stages like the Wedding MBA, the USPCA and Sharpen. She has contributed to a variety of Culinary and Event Industry blogs, podcasts and teaches Strategic Branding Masterclasses to a variety of Entrepreneurial Groups.

We value your time and know you're busy.

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