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Your Business Is My 2023 Mission

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

I am not a photographer who claims to to do it all. I do not photograph weddings or families and I am afraid of heights so you won't catch me doing any adventure photography! This makes me uniquely qualified to work with you.

Commitment to education

My mission is to be everything to you and your business. As a photographer I educated myself on the technical aspects of my camera, lighting and composition. But I also had a natural gift for those things which is what brought me to love the art of it so deeply. Beyond that, I have been an entrepreneur for over a decade. I have been in your shoes and I appreciate how difficult it is to have put on all the hats for your business.

I dedicate so much of my education to your business. I want to understand the strategy behind how to grow a brand and market it with purpose. I want to help you achieve clear success by converting your audience into clients and raising your value both perceived and actual.

Don't be afraid to lean into the expertise of others. We eat, breathe and sleep marketing, you are an expert in your industry, don't feel like you have to go it alone and be an expert in mine as well!

The power of an artistic brand

I love the art of photography. It captures so much more than just a 2-dimensional image. Telling your brand story both through the written words and with visual elements will propel your business forward this year.

Tides are turning and Google is paying attention to how people consume media, marketing content and websites as a whole. Although Google can't "see" an image, it is also becoming clear that having a thousand words on your home page is a deterrent to visitors. I should know! I changed my website in December from lots of words to an image-heavy visual story. This has significantly increased my conversion rate from one visitor a month filling out my contact form, to 9 direct website inquiries in the first 30 days! That is a huge shift!

My website designer Anna Smith of Hibiscus Brand Management reminded me how valuable the idea of "less is more", is especially this year. As these SEO shifts continue to change the way we develop strategies for our clients, I am more and more passionate about combining the art of photography with the power of branding.

It is a crucial lesson we can all benefit from as we execute our marketing plans and update our websites.

There is so much more coming in 2023, I would love to jump on a call and discuss how this year is shaping up for you! We have limited space for the first quarter, fill out the contact form and let's get started!

Kelley Hughes,

Smart Divorce Decisions Financial Advisor| Charlotte, NC

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