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Brand and Marketing Education No One Else Is Teaching You

Updated: Dec 20, 2022


"Amanda is a delight to work with! You can tell she really cares about every detail and really gets to know your brand before taking photos. She is so fun and spunky. I had a blast shooting with her and was really happy with the end result."


Today is about all things branding. This is a huge part of your marketing strategy. I want to talk about this because (as you've heard me say before) I am not your typical photographer. I don't just show up with a camera and take a picture.

There is a tremendous amount of education emerging in the photography world on how to become a brand photographer. When I began this journey brand photography was not a common phrase so this gives me an edge when it comes to education.

Here is the problem.

As photographers we are not explaining why you need this service, what the benefit is in the long run and how it can greatly affect the momentum of your business. The idea of brand and brand photography tends to feel abstract to those who don't study it.

Especially if you're not a creative, you don't typically understand what the benefit of someone like myself is. So let's dig in!

Photographers are educating each other, but no one is taking the time to educate you on what branding is and why it is so vital to your overall business identity.

1. Why do I need brand photography?

If you find it difficult to communicate your messaging to your audience and if you are constantly searching for stock imagery (which you know is a dirty word to me 😉), but nothing seems to fit exactly what you're trying to say... It's time to think about your brand story. The story of who you are, what you do, why you do it and how you are perceived in your industry.

First, understanding that purposeful imagery when aligned with the words you say is vital to building trust with your audience will take you a long way. People see before they read. So having strong visuals that match the words you say makes it much easier for your clients to consume your content.

Second, if know and understand your audience (or avatar) but you feel like every time you post on social media, you're just winging it. You absolutely need brand photography.

Quality, consistent brand photography will increase your productivity. When you have a plan of action and a strategy behind the images we capture you and your team will easily be able to build purposeful marketing campaigns that are fully aligned with your messaging.

For these reasons, when I work with a client, I am taking a larger role than just snapping a photo. I want and need to understand you and your business, the direction you're taking the business in and why you are moving that way. I also need other visual and written assets your business uses in their messaging from website copy, marketing outlines, logos, colors and more.

From Chef Deb:

"Brand photography was a game-changer for our brand presence – especially on social media! We put a ton of effort into branding because we know food business owners (our audience) are very visual and we want attract the perfect fit for our coaching programs."

Before Amanda’s brand photoshoot.

After Amanda’s brand photoshoot.

"Our photoshoot with Amanda started far before she picked up her camera. All the strategic planning created valuable assets that we can safely reach for each time we create content. It’s streamlined the way we attract our ideal clients, and we look awesome doing it."

2. What is the long-term benefit to branding?

Professional services, especially photography is a huge investment. But just like with any quality relationship, branding itself is a long game. It takes time to get to know someone or their business and this is what a true brand provides, recognizability.

People are not going to recognize you overnight. This is really important to remember when you launch that new website or start that new social media feed. Likely no one will even see it until you tell them. But over time as you drive people to that website through various marketing campaigns and social media platforms. People will get to know you.

Studying the layers of this idea, you realize having a consistent look and feel to your marketing messaging that drives them to the same quality, consistent look of your website builds a trusting relationship between you and your audience.

This powerful concept will change the way your business is perceived and ultimately leads stronger partnerships.

From Chef Deb:

"You’ve gotta put in the work. From the messaging to the brand photography, consistently “showing up,” and putting yourself out there – it takes some time. But the ROI on the monetary and time investment is HUGE.

I always teach my clients that Consistent Marketing = Consistent Income. And y’know, I’ll preface that by saying Consistent Branding = EASY Marketing.

Our brand is recognizable and familiar across the food business industry. Chefs know they can find top-notch business coaching and community with Chef Deb. Our annual SHARPEN Workshop has even grown beyond national chef associations!"

3. How proper branding will greatly affect the momentum of your business.

Hopefully you are starting to see how this kind of cohesive look and feel harnesses trust with your audience. As your brand grows, your audience and clients know what to expect from you no matter where they go. They gravitate to you more and more leading to higher conversions.

This builds stronger client relationships, new business partnerships, and even helps in raising your prices. Placing you above the competition that hasn't taken the time to communicate their brand in a consistent way.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding strategic marketing and I get it. You didn't start your business to become a CMO. But that's why you hire professionals like myself, who can help support your journey. Brand photography is one of the strongest assets you can harness in your business if you know how to take advantage of it.

From Chef Deb:

"Communicating your brand clearly automatically weeds out people who are the wrong fit, and instantly attracts clients who are the right fit.

The faster people understand who you are and what you’re about, the higher you can convert them into clients or customers.

After investing in our branding, my company’s “know, like, & trust” happens exponentially faster. We bring in more business and connections than before, and credit a lot to branding.

Word of mouth only gets you so far – there are only so many months! To grow to the next level, you must invest in brand strategy. You simply can’t grow without it!"

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Amanda directly, book a discovery call or fill out the contact form and let's start a conversation!


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